UltraHost.US Shoutcast Servers

UltraHost.US is pleased to be offering Shoutcast servers among its hosting services. Best of all, you pay for what you need!

Most stream hosting providers base their fees on the maximum number of listeners which can connect to your server at any one time. So, if you want to allow 20 listeners to connect at once then you must pay a higher fee even if those 20 listeners only listen for a few hours a month.

With UltraHost.US Shoutcast servers you pay for what you need. Our fees are based on the total bandwidth, wich directly relates to the quality of the stream and how long listeners are connected to your server.

We base the price on total bandwidth, and only limit the listener limit and streaming quality to prevent accidental overusage. any time you need the limits raised, let us know. for example, our default is 100 listeners and 128kbps. if you need more listeners, let us know. if you need higher quality streams, say 192 or 256, just let us know as well. both of these limits can be changed at no cost.

We offer 3 plans based on alocated bandwidth. All prices are monthly in USD.

PLAN bandwidth
number of listeners stream quality cost
basic streamer 50gb 1000 128+ $7.50
standars streamer 100GB 1000 128+ $15.00
Extreme Streamer 200GB 1000 128+ $30.00
Extra bandwidth +100GB - - $+15.00

Your Shoutcast server is configured and controlled through a web-based control panel. You can start and stop your server, adjust the maximum listener count, and configure many other options, as well as monitor your bandwidth through your control panel.

Whether you're a hobbyist broadcaster or an Internet radio professional, UltraHost.US can provide a Shoutcast server suited for your particular requirements and do it more affordably than most other stream hosting providers.

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Note: Fees are for the Shoutcast server and bandwidth only. Applicable licensing fees for your broadcast are not included in the above prices.