UltraHost.US Reseller Program

UltraHost.US reseller packages are a perfect solution for webmasters, designers, developers, and reseller/presence providers. UltraHost.US charges a flat rate for space and bandwidth allotments per month, which you can then distribute to your clientele divided into any size packages, priced as you desire. UltraHost.US reseller packages are designed for individuals who would like to have all technical aspects of a server handled professionally. The UltraHost.US Reseller Program gives you the perfect opportunity to grow in the Web Hosting business without risk, and without the huge outlay of capital.

Each UltraHost.US reseller package includes the popular Cpanel™ and WebHostManager™ software package.

Note: Racist and illegal content is absolutely forbidden on our servers without exception!

Package 1 24 GB disk space 72GB monthly transfer $20.00 monthly Order 24GB plan Now
Package 2 48 GB disk space 150 GB monthly transfer $35.00 monthly Order 48GB planNow
Package 3 72 GB disk space 200 GB monthly transfer $50.00 monthly Order 72GB plan Now