UltraHost.US Hosting Plan Comparison

We offer 3 Ultra web hosting plans. All plans include the following features:

All of this is conveniently controlled through your personal CPanel™ virtual control panel. Would you like to see a demo of our CPanel .
Username: demo
Password: cpanel

Your site will be hosted on a reliable Unix-based server with redundant DS3 connections to the Internet.

Below is a comparison of the cost and features for each plan. Click on the plan name for details on that plan.

Feature UltraBasic Plan Ultra Standard Plan UltraExtreme Plan
Quarterly Fee $10.00 USD $15.00 USD $30.00 USD
Yearly Fee $30.00 USD $50.00 USD $100.00 USD
Disk Space 200 MB 500 MB Unlimited*
Data Transfer 2 GB 5 GB Unlimited*
POP3/IMAP Mailboxes 5 15 Unlimited
Mailing Lists 1 5 Unlimited
Subdomains 3 15 Unlimited
FTP Accounts 3 15 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 1 5 Unlimited

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*Clients subscribing to our Ultimate Hosting Plan will have no limits placed on either disk space or bandwidth within their hosting control panel. However, each Ultimate plan account is based on an average usage of 12 GB disk space and 36 GB bandwidth per month. Accounts which significantly exceed either of these limits in any given month or regularly exceed these limits on a monthly basis will be subject to an "excessive usage" fee at the discretion of UltraHost.US as follows: Disk usage above the 2 GB allocation will be assessed a $5 monthly fee per additional 1 GB of disk space rounded up to the next GB. Any bandwidth utilization beyond 30 GB per month will be billed at the rate of $1 per GB rounded up to the next GB. Clients subscribing to the Ultimate plan agree to be responsible for these additional fees if these limits are exceeded.

Note: Racist and illegal content is absolutely forbidden on our servers without exception!